Working from home

INTERIOR  Many of us have had a chance to settle in to working from home and with any luck we’ve arranged a functional workspace and outfitted ourselves with at least the office essentials:  like a desk, a comfortable chair, maybe a faster Internet connection and have learned how to use various conferencing and data sharing apps.  Now you’re ready to consider the little extras that make your life better.  […]

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What Bobino Means

Today, our company and brand name is Bobino. But that’s not how it started. In 2006 we introduced our first product; a Mobile Phone Holder. The product was a global success, selling nearly 20 million pieces worldwide and still going strong. We believe the success of this product can be attributed to 2 things: form […]

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Bobino in the car

Some of us spend a lot of time in our cars. We bring a lot of things with us and that includes our phones, headphones, music boxes and more. Every tech device with a battery needs to be charged and 95% of them are with – you guessed it – electrical cords. Today most cars […]

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